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$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees

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Read the Play
(minus the ending)
...Sleeping Beauty - Playscripts, Theatre Scripts, Stage Plays

...Sleeping Beauty

Read the Play (minus the ending)

by Cavan Hallman
2F / 1M
Or up to a cast of 8
Approximate Playing Time: 1 Hour

This exceptionally creative contemporary interpretation of the classic Sleeping Beauty story is filled with theatre games, songs and opportunities for audience participation. Originally developed for touring to elementary schools with a cast of three playing multiple characters, "The Positively True and Factual Events of the Real Live Girl Who Would Come to be Known as Sleeping Beauty" or …Sleeping Beauty takes place in "Fairy Tale Time" where people watch Netflix and also talk in old-timey speak. Directions for games, songs and interactive play are included in the script and roles may be divided easily among more actors to accommodate larger cast needs. …Sleeping Beauty, with its underlying message about respect and friendship, is a fun and easily staged way to introduce young audiences to theatre. 

$50.00 Royalty per Performance
$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees