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Read the Play (minus the ending)

A Tragi-comedy in 2 Acts 3W / 6M
Approximate Playing Time: 90 Minutes

In the fictional town of Elsewhere, wealth and poverty live across the way from one another. Elsewhere is plagued by disease but despite the circumstances, people from both sides attempt to profit from it. Scientist Charles Balthorn and his assistant Tenderloin Pendermellon have travelled to Elsewhere in hopes of finding the town riddled with disease—so they might discover the cure and become famous. Imagine their disappointment when they quickly learn the disease to be one that has already been cured back in their home town, by Balthorn’s arch rival no less. Determined to make something of their trip, Balthorn and Pendermellon attempt to trick the wealthy people of Elsewhere by renaming the disease and claiming it has no cure. The problem: the wealthy people of Elsewhere don’t care because the disease has only been found amongst the poor. Undeterred, Balthorn persuades Pendermellon to infect the daughter of the wealthiest citizen of Elsewhere with the disease—only to discover they were mistaken and the disease in fact has no cure. Throughout the play, the story is told by the playwright, Tavern Smith, who also creates the scenery, develops the characters, and even adjusts the plot threads right in front of the audience. He does so, of course, to suit his own best interests which quickly becomes a common theme shared by most of the characters in Elsewhere.

$60.00 Royalty per Performance
$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees