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$30.00 Royalty per Performance

$10.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees

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The Last Resort

Read the Play (minus the ending)

A One Act Comedy by Kev Salter
3W / 5M
Approximate Playing Time: 30 Minutes

Considering the price of a wedding and honeymoon, Jeff Tate thought it reasonable to cheap out on airfare for his bride, Rachel and him to fly to Rome. With that said, he never bargained for the absolute dysfunctionality of the Latvian airport where he and Rachel wait for repairs on everything from the latrine to the plane. While they wait, they meet an array of strange characters including an elderly lady traveling with all her money and jewelry, a businessman carrying stocks, and four men who all look alike except for their work clothes. Jeff grows more and more concerned about stepping onboard at all?but no matter, the pilot and the attendant took off without their passengers absconding with all their luggage. Seems, though, the janitor ? or was it the mechanic, the manager, or the policeman ? was on to their game and switched out the luggage for a toaster full of explosives just before takeoff. $10 Single Use Copyright Fee plus $30 Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre. Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application.

$30.00 Royalty per Performance
$10.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees