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$75.00 Single-Use Copyright Fee

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Read the Play
(minus the ending)

Riverboat Jeopardy

Read the Play (minus the ending)
by: Amanda Horn

A Plot Party Play for Fun or Fundraising Events

Roles for up to 30 Guests

Approximate Playing Time:  60 minutes

Throw a Plot Party Play and be the talk of the town!  At a Plot Party, each guest dresses as a character and becomes part of the plot.  As guests RSVP, they are assigned a character and provided secret information about that character, such as hidden identities, personal agendas and love interests.  The Riverboat Jeopardy is in dire straits.  This may be the last voyage unless $50,000 is raised to pay the debt and save it from bankruptcy.  And it seems half the guests onboard have $50,000; from The Loud-Mouth at the Poker Table to The Old Prospector to the notorious Low Down and Dirty Gang disguised as…well…read the Sequence of Events to get the whole story.   When you purchase Riverboat Jeopardy you’ll get the right to download and copy everything you need for an evening of entertainment starring your favorite friends or patrons in roles they’ll have a blast playing!  The download includes invitation, the Host’s Sequence of Events, Individual Character Plot Party Guides for each of your guests, a seating chart, a secret survey and the REAL ending to the story! It’s simple, it’s fun and there’s no place else that’s got it!  $75 Single-Use Copyright Fee.  No Royalties Required.

$75.00 Single-Use Copyright Fee