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$60.00 Royalty per Performance

$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees

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A Human Shield

Read the Play (minus the ending)

A Full-length Socio/Political Family Drama
4W / 1M
Approximate Playing Time: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

Politics plays a key role in the dynamics of the Grant household. Twin sisters Alberta and Roberta are as close as twins can be except when it comes to their convictions. Their father, retired General Stan Grant, is unmistakably proud of Alberta, who serves in the U.S. Army. His outspoken opposition to Roberta, a political liberal and social activist, worsens after he is approached to run for public office as a conservative. As the play progresses, the mother, Priscilla, who has suppressed many of her own feelings over the years as a military wife, challenges her husband’s strict code of conduct and shows sympathy towards Roberta’s ideals. The tension comes to a head when Alberta announces her orders to enter a potential war zone— the same place that Roberta has volunteered to go as part of a Human Shield. The family conflict over beliefs and politics is a microcosm of American society in general. “A Human Shield” brings that conflict home with tragic outcomes in this personal soul-searching drama. $20 Single Use Copyright Fee plus $60 Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre. Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application.

$60.00 Royalty per Performance
$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees