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$60.00 Royalty per Performance

$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees

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Read the Play
(minus the ending)

To the Moon

Read the Play (minus the ending)

A full-length comedy in One Act by
1W / 2M
Approximate Playing Time: 70 minutes

The time has arrived for Professor Wellington, rocket scientist, to blast off in a tropical-laden homemade rocket ship to a black hole in space that just might jettison him to heaven—the heaven that his wife believed existed and where he hopes they can reunite in a state of true bliss and wonderment. When Stephanie shows up at Wellington’s cabin high in the Colorado Rockies in search of her husband, Dr. Neville Butler, the intellectual fun begins. Stephanie, a lawyer, and a woman not to be trifled with, arrives with divorce papers in hand. Despite coining his grandson an asshole and Stephanie a bitch ? which by words and actions seems apropos ? Wellington’s sincere love for the couple sets in motion a daring plan to save their imploding marriage. From substituting Tic Tacs for heart medicine to scoring sexual encounters, flipping M & M’s into one another’s mouths and watching Bonko, the Hobo Clown on TV, they maneuver their way from the heartache that comes from losing sight of what matters most into the magical world of the vast unknown. $20 Single Use Copyright Fee plus $60 Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre. Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application.

$60.00 Royalty per Performance
$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees