About Us

  • Heartland Plays, Inc. publishes and licenses the performance rights and other authorized uses of quality plays, musicals and drama products through the convenience of on-line services.
  • It is our mission to promote exceptional works for the benefit of theaters and playwrights alike.
  • Heartland Plays, Inc. provides free online perusal of plays and musicals (minus the ending).
  • Customers can calculate royalties, Purchase Performance Rights, pay appropriate fees and instantly download scripts and materials directly from our website.
  • Heartland Plays, Inc. permits customers to purchase the download of most plays without royalties for specific purposes (See Exceptions).
  • Our innovative Single-Use Copyright authorizes customers to make as many copies as needed for the purposes stated in the Purchase Application.
  • Our “Green” publishing model benefits the environment as well as the producing organization.
  • Heartland Plays, Inc. also carries non-royalty plays, monologue and scene collections.
  • Periodically, Heartland Plays, Inc. publishes plays, collections and other literary materials in traditional book print.
  • Heartland Plays, Inc. currently accepts unsolicited submissions. There is no fee required to submit a play for consideration. (See Submissions).
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to use this site. Use of this site implies acceptance of Terms of Use. Terms of Use may change without notice.
See Contact Us for additional information or customer service.