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Jason Haskins is a 2001 graduate of Boise State University in which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Writing. While at school, Jason’s ten minute plays The Last Hit and Pandora’s Box were produced for the Boise State Theatre Majors annual showcase productions. The Last Hit was adjudicated by the American Conference Theatre Festival. Shortly after graduating, Jason’s first full length play Poison was produced and premiered at Boise State.

Jason decided to take a small break from the theatre world and embark on a journey to Los Angeles to try the movie industry. While in Los Angeles, Jason’s horror movie screenplay Warehouse was optioned by Scary Monkey Pictures and his screenplay Paranoid Gods was read by various companies and directors across the city.

Alas, after four years of enjoying the California weather, Jason returned to Boise, where he currently resides.In the fall of 2011, along with co-writer Evan Sesek, Jason wrote Voices from the Boise Hole for Alley Underground Theater. The play explored the various types of people one may run across in Boise, Idaho and received a four night run to critical acclaim.

In the fall of 2012, Jason once again collaborated with Evan Sesek to write Levi Middlebrooks: Back 2 Boyzee. The one man play documented the return of a former boy band member of the fictional group Kinect4 and his return to music after a five year hiatus. The one caveat: Levi’s new focus on music is Christian Rock.

In the spring of 2013, Voices from the Boise Hole 2 premiered at Alley Repertory Theater in Boise, Idaho. Jason once again tackled the project with Mr. Sesek and the two further delved into the psyche of the people of Boise.

Jason’s 2nd full length play Solace was given a staged reading in July of 2011 at the Alley Repertory Theater Company in Boise, Idaho. A long overdue re-write of Poison was given a staged reading at the same theater company in July of 2012.

Jason's first novel, The Dragon Princess, was published in July 2014 and is currently available for download via the Amazon Kindle or the Amazon Kindle App.

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