Randy Wall

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Professor and writer Randy Wall is a newcomer to writing for theatre. A graduate of the University of Southern California's Master of Professional Writing Program, he has published short stories, poetry, and articles. For the past 25 years he has taught an array of college English courses, but his experiences in teaching the occasional community college developmental English course resulted in the play Remediating Ripper, runner-up in the Cordell Green Playwriting Festival. "The complexity of these students' lives is astounding. They are juggling school, work, and complex personal situations. So many of them are incredibly bright, but society and the school system have often told them otherwise. The one common thread between them is the sense of humor they bring to the situations they find themselves in. Their stories, albeit fictionalized, deserve to be told." He lives in the small, lakeside community of Ransom Canyon, Texas with his wife Kay and daughter Marlee.

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