Floyd Alexander

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Floyd Stephen Alexander was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956. A self-proclaimed “Philly Kid”, Floyd got bit by the stage bug in high school and attended Upsala College to study Theatre and Speech Communications.

After graduation, Floyd signed up with HB Studios for acting and studied Cold Reading Preparation. A few acting jobs followed, but he got homesick and headed back to Philadelphia. Floyd won admittance into Society Hill Playhouse and performed with the historic theatre company in some daring stage productions.

Floyd moved with his wife, Nikki, across country to San Diego, California and decided to pick up the pen and write plays. It was at Community Actors Theatre (CAT) that his first play adaptation, Dracula, was performed. What followed was Wolf Man, Here I Am!, *Scribes (*inspired from a tour of duty during the Gulf War), and James Baldwin: Portrait of a Writer.

Floyd has matured and created a catalog of diverse plays with strong storylines, unforgettable characters and a spirit born from the heart of the classic Federal Theatre Project and the Group Theatre.

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