Greg Freier

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Greg is the author of six full length plays, numerous one acts, and was a finalist in the 2009 Samuel French playwright contest. His plays have been produced from Sydney to off Broadway, and have won numerous awards. His full length plays, “Trapped In My Own Life,” and "It's The Beginning of the End," and "By The Way, I'm Dying," are available at Heartland Plays, along with twelve other one acts. Ten more of his one acts plays are published by the One Act Play Depot. His play, “Intentional Deception,” is in an anthology of the best 50 ten minutes plays of 2013, by Smith and Krauss in December of 2013. He also has two short story collections, “Sleepy Town” and “Thinking for Distance,” both available online at Amazon.Com, and also has had numerous short stories published. He currently resides in the Midwest with his wife, sons, and a white thing named “Phil the Dog.”

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