Rusty Harding

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Plays Published by Heartland Plays, Inc.:
“Painting Over the Poop”

Rusty Harding is a Dallas, TX writer.  He is the author of two published novels: “Instrument of Darkness” and “Murphy’s Law” (The Fiction Works); and three stage plays: “There’s No Place Like Homer”, "Romeo & What's Her Name" (Heuer Publishing), and "Never Call Me a Lady" (Brooklyn Publishers).  He has also optioned two screenplays: "Instrument of Darkness", and "Nevermore", with Misty Mountain Productions. He is also a member of the Lunatic Theatre Company of Richardson, TX, and, together with LTC, is currently working on a stage play about the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of WWII, entitled "Fly Babies".

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