Talya Daie and Lili Daie

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Talya Daie was born in Soviet Russia, but chose to live in Israel, and her two novels - ‘The Naïve Scenario’ and ’The Golden Ring of Nicodema’ were published in Hebrew. She also translated to Hebrew such well-known books as ‘Anne of Avonlea’ by L.M. Montgomery, ‘Lorna Doone’ by R.D. Blackmore and many others. ‘PLEASE, NOT THAT SHOE AGAIN!’ is her very different version of Cinderella’s story. The Author believes that some of the funniest lines in this romantic comedy belong to the sub-writer, her daughter, Lili Daie, who took a break from writing sci-fi to mess with Cindy’s head.

Lili Daie is a Science Fiction writer, a Master of Cognitive Neuroscience, a librarian and a huge fan of English nonsense humor (Monty Python and Douglas Adams being her particular favorites). She especially enjoys putting any of the above into her own or other people’s work, and simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to mix it up with Cinderella.

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