Non-Royalty Plays, Scenes and Monologues

Bre’r Rabbit’s Trilogy

Bre’r Rabbit’s Trilogy - Playscripts, Theatre Scripts, Stage Plays

by: John Byrne

by John Byrne

As Inspired by the Traditional Bre’r Rabbit Tales

Flexible Cast: 10-30 M & F

Playable by any combination of age and gender

$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees


by: R.J. Ryland

A Non-Royalty Collection of 50 Great Monologues for Audition, Competition, Training and Performance

Monologues from under 30 seconds to 2 minutes

$15.00 Single-Use Copyright Fee

Ten Short Plays by Ten Top Playwrights

by: Rebecca Ryland

A Non-Royalty Collection of Short Comedies and Dramas for Scene Study and Workshop

Performance Rights Reserved by Playwrights

Various Cast Sizes from 2 to 5

Plays range from 10-20 minutes each

$10.00 Single-Use Copyright Fee

Why Does the Sun Move Across the Sky?

by: R.J. Ryland

A Short, Non-Royalty Play for Creative Kids

6 Girls/ 3 Boys/ 1 Either + Extras as needed

Playing time:  Approximately 20 minutes

$20.00 Single-Use Copyright fee