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$60.00 Royalty per Performance

$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees

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A Passing Moment

Read the Play (minus the ending)

A Play by John J. Kelly
4W / 3M / 1Boy
Playing Time:  Approximately 90 minutes

Your audiences will love each passing moment as this story of three women, all proprietors of a rural pub outside Dublin, brilliantly unfolds with depth, honesty and humor.  In 1918, Fiona, a young wife and soon to be mother, purchases “The Higgs Pub” from Kate while she awaits the return of her soldier husband. Thirteen-year-old Michael and Brianna, just sixteen, stay on in their roles as helpers at the Pub, later to marry and continue on together throughout.  But heartache follows Fiona; first the death of her husband at war, then her son, James, during the next war.  In 1945 James’s infant daughter, Angelique, is delivered to the Pub fairly unannounced after her mother dies in Belgium. By 1966 the Vietnam War threatens to consume more of Ireland’s young sons and the war, the endless war, has taken its toll on Fiona.   The circumstances of her death come into question with no one quite able to accept that she may indeed have decided to end her own life. Angelique makes plans to return to Belgium to reconnect with her mother’s family—with the fate of the Pub in the balance. But Fiona knows those her life has touched more than anyone realizes and leaves a bequest to Michael to purchase the Pub that has been his home for all those many years. $20 Single Use Copyright Fee plus $60 Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre.  Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application.

$60.00 Royalty per Performance
$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees