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$40.00 Royalty per Performance

$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees

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Grand Slam

Read the Play (minus the ending)

A Collection of Four Short Plays With Baseball as a Common Theme For a Full Evening of Entertainment
8W / 5M – Total all 4 plays
(Less if actors play multiple roles)
Approximate Playing Time: 75 total minutes

What’s more American than baseball? This common theme threads its way through a full evening of four short plays, each taking place during a special moment in history. First, the historical All-American Girls gives your audience a personal glimpse into the makings of the first women’s baseball league during WWII from the perspective of two players, their chaperone and an advisor. “Fall Guy” takes a farcical look at the tense negotiations between John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro during the Cuban missile crisis including an absurd bid by Castro to purchase the Washington Senators baseball team. The comedic Post-Game Interview brings us the off-and-on camera takes of a self-centered, chauvinistic sports reporter and his bright, ambitious female producer who manages to work herself onto the air when a no-hitter turns into a World Series upset. Finally, “The Concrete Wall” touches our hearts as a young woman tries to move on four years after her baseball-loving brother is killed during the Vietnam War. This universal tale dramatically shares the memories between brother and sister and explores the unbearable loneliness one feels at the loss of a loved one despite what war or period of time in history. $20 Single Use Copyright Fee plus $40 Royalty per Performance for Amateur Theatre. Professional Theatre Royalties Calculated on Application.

$40.00 Royalty per Performance
$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees