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Bre’r Rabbit’s Trilogy - Playscripts, Theatre Scripts, Stage Plays

Bre’r Rabbit’s Trilogy

Read the Play (minus the ending)

by John Byrne

As Inspired by the Traditional Bre’r Rabbit Tales

Flexible Cast: 10-30 M & F

Playable by any combination of age and gender

Bre’r Rabbit, with links to both African and Cherokee cultures, worked his way into American culture as the central figure in stories about the southern United States as told by Uncle Remus and made popular in the animated motion picture “Song of the South.” The trickster, Bre’r Rabbit, is every bit as clever and fun in this collection of three short plays inspired by the original tales. As part of traditional folklore, the three tales in Bre’r Rabbit’s Trilogy, including “The Harvest Thief”, “Home Sweet Boom” and “Fox’s Trap”, are perfect for the primary classroom, particularly in exploring drama core content. And with a flexible cast size and make-up of 10-30 boys and girls along with simple creative staging that allows opportunities for kids to participate in the process, it is the ideal choice for schools, drama camps and children’s theatre. Mr. Byrne has drawn easy to play characters so that even the most novice performer will have a successful stage experience. John Byrne’s Bre’r Rabbit’s Trilogy is a true crowd pleaser for all ages, reminding even the seniors in the audience of those delightful stories read at bedtime. The Trilogy is offered royalty-free requiring only a $20 fee to download the script and make as many copies as needed for your production. $20 Single-Use Copyright

$20.00 Single-Use Copyright Fees