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By submitting a WORK to Heartland Plays, Inc., (PUBLISHER), you are representing yourself as the AUTHOR and by so doing:

A. AUTHOR warrants and agrees that:
  1. AUTHOR now owns all rights in and to the WORK.
  2. The WORK has not to date of submission been published in book or Internet file form as part of an exclusive agreement and that the Work is free of encumbrances.
  3. The WORK is original in every context.
  4. The WORK does not infringe on any property rights, copyrights, or common law literary rights of others and does not contain any unlawful or libelous matter, nor does it violate the right of privacy or publicity of other persons.

B.AUTHOR agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless PUBLISHER against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, and judgments, including but not limited to legal fees, damages, and expenses that PUBLISHER may incur by reason of any actions arising out of facts which constitute a breach of the foregoing warranties and representations of the AUTHOR.

Publishing Your Work

If we select your Work for publication and you enter an exclusive agreement by contract with us to publish your Work, Heartland Plays, Inc. will:

  1. Publish the Work in our on-line catalog for free perusal reading by customers, taking precautions to protect said Work against piracy including encryption of text, warnings regarding copyright infringement and excluding the ending of the Work.
  2. License amateur and professional performance rights and other authorized use of the Work
  3. Grant the download of your work and collect royalties and fees for such rights which will be divided between AUTHOR and PUBLISHER by contract
  4. Market our catalog via the Internet, and through targeted mailings, e-mails, print ads, theatre festivals and conferences


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