All plays published by Heartland Plays, Inc. are fully protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America and all countries which the United States has reciprocal relations including, but not limited to all countries covered by the Pan-American Copyright Convention, The Universal Copyright Convention and the Berne Convention. All rights to the plays are strictly reserved including, and without limitation, professional and amateur performance rights; motion pictures; public reading; radio and television broadcasting; audio and video recording and reproduction of any type known or yet to be invented; information storage and retrieval systems of any type known or yet to be invented; and the rights of translation into any and all languages.

Heartland Plays, Inc. exclusively controls all Amateur and Stock Performance Rights to all the plays it publishes. No individual or production group or producing organization whether amateur or stock may perform any play published by Heartland Plays, Inc. without first obtaining advance permission from Heartland Plays, Inc. and paying the appropriate fees including Royalties and Single-Use Copyright fees. Royalty fees and Single-use Copyright fees are specified with each play listed online at the Heartland Plays, Inc. website and are subject to change without notice. Royalties and Single-Use Copyright fees are calculated on check-out. Once paid, Heartland Plays, Inc. grants the right to perform the play listed in the Purchase Application and to copy by photocopying or other reproducible means the downloaded script and other accompanying materials for the sole purpose expressed in the Purchase Application. Any other unauthorized use of the play such as sharing digital files or copies with individuals or entities outside the cast and production staff, selling, leasing or in any way contributing to the unauthorized use of the copyrighted work is a violation of Agreement and copyright laws and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Licensing agreements for performance rights or any other authorized use are non-transferable to any other individual, group or entity or for any other purpose or production outside that stated in the Purchase Application.

Required royalties must be paid every time a play is performed before any audience whether or not it is presented for profit and whether or not admission is charged. Heartland Plays, Inc. collects royalties on behalf of the Playwrights whose plays it publishes. Attempting in any way to avoid paying royalties or misrepresenting the expressed use of the play, the number of performances intended or providing misleading or incorrect information in the Purchase Application in an attempt to avoid or reduce Royalty fees harms the playwrights and robs them of their rights to be paid for the use of their property. In the event an individual, group or other producing organization that has been previously granted the Performance Rights to a play published by Heartland Plays, Inc. and elects to perform, produce or re-mount the play at another date not expressed in the original Purchase Application, a new Purchase Application must be made and the appropriate fees paid.

Individuals and groups granted performance rights to any play published by Heartland Plays, Inc. must agree that there shall be no changes to the script unless directly authorized by Heartland Plays, Inc. Changes include but are not limited to deletions, alterations, cutting of dialogue, alteration of objectionable language, changing of character gender or alteration to the title of the play. Unauthorized copying of any play or excerpt or storage or transmittal in any form and by any means whether known or yet to be invented is strictly forbidden except as provided by Agreement with Heartland Plays, Inc. or by applicable law.

It is agreed that any individual or group, whether amateur or stock, that is granted performance rights or other licensing rights or any other authorized use of any play published by Heartland Plays, Inc. will, without exception, include the Author’s name immediately and directly beneath the title of the play as the sole author of the play, or in the case of co-authorship, the names of all authors, including composer and arranger as in the case of a musical play. This obligation applies to the title page of every program and in any instance that the title of the play appears for the purposes of advertisement and other printed materials distributed, displayed or furnished in connection with the production or authorized use of the play. The font representing the author or authors shall be of a clear and non-distorted nature and in a size at minimum 50% that of the largest letter in the title of the play. In addition, proper attribution to the publisher, that is, to Heartland Plays, Inc., must appear in all programs, advertisements and other printed materials distributed, displayed or furnished in connection with the production, whether amateur or stock. Notice shall read: “Produced by Special Arrangement with Heartland Plays, Inc.” and include immediately beneath said notice the web address: (www.heartlandplays.com). Plays produced by Special Arrangement with Heartland Plays, Inc. may not be digitally recorded or video-taped without prior written permission from the publisher.

Plays published by Heartland Plays, Inc. may include references to brand names, trademarks owned by third parties and identifiable places or public figures including but not limited to politicians, celebrities and persons of note. Heartland Plays, Inc. is not necessarily affiliated in any way with any of these entities and such references in any of the plays it publishes are included solely at the discretion of the author or authors for entertainment, parody, political or social comment or other lawful purposes. Concurrently, some plays published by Heartland Plays, Inc. may contain directions calling for the inclusion of a sound recording or musical work not created by the author or included with the script as in the case of a musical play. Let it be known to all parties that Heartland Plays, Inc. has not obtained permission to perform any such works. The producers of any play containing directions for the performance of copyrighted sound recordings or musical works should contact the U.S. Copyright Office at www.copyright.gov and should seek information and procedures for obtaining the rights to perform such works, if applicable, at ASCAP (www.ascap.com), BMI (www.BMI.com), and/or NMPA (www.nmpa.com).

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