Nathan J. DiPerri

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Nathan J. DiPerri is an illustrator and playwright who specializes in charming and whimsical entertainment for all ages.

After learning how to draw and the age of four, he finally learned how to color at age 20 while studying illustration at UMass Dartmouth. His popular newspaper comic strip, My Guardian Grandpa, was published daily from 2011 to 2015 and is published in four book compilations.

Nathan wrote six of the 15 high school theatre productions that he has directed including his first play, Miss Wallace Rhymes With William, which is published by Heartland Plays, Inc. He was a finalist in the GoComics Short Shorts Animation Contest with his entry, Understand THIS!

Nathan is the co-creator of Frega DiPerri cartoons, which are licensed worldwide with Cartoon Collections and CartoonStock and have been published in The American Legion Magazine, 2 Million Blossoms, and The Spectator.

In his spare time, Nathan enjoys drinking tea and wearing cardigans.

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