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Nancy Machlis Rechtman
Plays Published by Heartland Plays, Inc.:
The Emperor’s New Threads and Stiltz
From the time Nancy could hold pencil to paper, she knew she wanted to be a writer. She was also a voracious reader, coming home from the library every few weeks with a stack of books in her arms that was taller than she was. She was an English major in college, took numerous writing courses over the years and continued working on plays, screenplays, songs, short stories and novels. She had several children's plays produced, stories published (including two published in Highlights Magazine for Children), a novel published, and collaborated on several children’s books. In her other life, she has worked as a talent agent, a proofreader/copy editor, and as a tutor for children focusing on reading and writing skills. She went back to school to get her Master’s Degree in Education, focusing on Learning Disabilities so that she could help children succeed.

While raising her own two children and multiple dogs, she also started a column called “Inanities” which focuses on the various things in life that aggravate us, since there is an endless supply of irritating situations in this world. The column is now a blog at

Nancy loves writing for, and working with children. When her children were younger, she volunteered in their elementary school to start and run an Author’s club. She also worked with students at Title I elementary schools – partnering with another children’s author - to improve their reading and writing skills and bring up their test scores. Working with children on a regular basis gives Nancy a great deal of insight into what kids enjoy reading and learning about. And, what makes them laugh. Her absolute most favorite thing is when something she wrote makes children laugh. And she looks forward to sharing the laughter with The Emperor’s New Threads and Stiltz.

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